Infiniti Bra

World's first fully adaptable bra for pregnancy and postpartum.

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Created by moms for moms and moms-to be!

We designed Infiniti Bra with five seperate pieces that can be swapped out and changed whenever a new size or different function is needed - to adapt just like you, Mama. Watch our video below on how Infiniti Bra works....

How Infiniti Bra Works

What women are saying

I LOVE the way I look and feel in Infiniti Bra, and I really like that I can breastfeed and pump at the same time too! The options to accommodate changing breast size are very clever. I now know, as a first time mom, how important the adjustable sizing is.

Caroline, 34C, Chicago, IL

I have some super ugly nursing bras, and it is so nice to feel like a woman when I wear Infiniti Bra and not just like a milk making machine. Infiniti Bra has great breast support, I can really see a difference in the mirror when I wear it, my posture even looks better.

Courtney, 36C, Kansas City, MO

The fit is pretty amazing. Infiniti Bra hugs my breasts in a comfortable way, with no gaps, and isn’t too tight. I love how easy it is to breastfeed my daughter.

Sarah, 32DD, Lafayette, CO

This bra was love at first sight for me! ...It’s now my go to for breastfeeding.

Its front closure is a great idea especially at the end of a pregnancy – no more struggling to put your bra on! This bra has no underwire, it is very comfortable.. an supportive!

Virginie, 34DD+, San Francisco, CA

These bras are so incredibly high quality and versatile! Love that they can expand and adjust to meet your changing body’s needs. Beautiful design and product!

Brianna Baranowski

The best quality of this bra is the fact that you can adjust several of its parts, this is great to have a bra that can grow with our breasts during pregnancy and postpartum.
I can’t wait to see the future colors they they offer and hopefully there will soon be matching panties too! Best of luck to this brand!

Marie Dugué

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