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The brand Infiniti Touch was created by us, Elodie and Francesca, in 2018.

Francesca was pregnant with her first son, and she had a very tough time finding beautiful maternity bras that fit her changing body.

After extensive market research, we discovered that lots of other women had this problem too during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys. Most maternity, nursing and pumping bras currently available on the market are ugly and unsupportive, and only fit for a short amount of time.

Infiniti Bra ends nearly eight decades of stalled innovation within the maternity lingerie sector. We are so proud of our invention and very excited about what's to come!


infiniti bra, black maternity bra for breastfeeding, pumping and pregnancy


Infiniti Touch’s mission is to support and empower women through pregnancy and postpartum by offering them a beautiful maternity bra that adapts to their changing bodies - not the other way around - for every trimester and beyond.

We cannot wait to expand our range of adaptable lingerie for you, Mamas! Stay tuned!


small female business owners in photoshoot sitting on pink armchair smiling at camera looking confident and happy


 We are here to help you in any way we can to find the perfect Infiniti Bra size or to answer more questions that you may have. To get in touch with us you can head over to our Contact Us Page, or you can email us at info@infiniti-touch.com

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