Our Eureka Moment

Great ideas often come from a strong need to solve a problem. It could be a first world problem like not being able to manually open a can of beans, which lead to the creation of the electric can opener, or a more global problem such as the lack of clean water, which started work for the sanitation system.

Whatever their scale, there are a lot of problems that people face all over the world and solutions to those issues are more likely to come about when people discuss them. According to Ted Talks ‘Where good ideas come from’, the popular author, Steve Johnson says, that brainstorming ideas and issues with colleagues and/or friends and family is a likely way to lead to a solution and eureka moment. It’s within that environment while ‘jostling’ with people who have differing ideas and who come from different backgrounds, that innovation comes alive.

It was during a creative craft session at Elodie’s house that a discussion started about pregnancy, specifically my own, as I was around 16 weeks pregnant at that time. I told Elodie how quickly my body was changing and how my boobs were growing at a rapid pace; I was scared they would never stop! I let her into a problem that I faced and told her that I hadn’t been maternity bra shopping yet, and that I was wearing a bra that was much too small.

My bra straps were digging into my shoulders and I remember having to hoist my boobs up every so often so they would sit better in their bra prison. I was uncomfortable, but I was clinging to my normal bra for dear life prolonging the agony of bra shopping for as long as possible. Elodie asked why I was doing that to myself, and my answer was simple. The thought of going out into the wild to go bra shopping and trying on approximately 2793 bras that inevitably wouldn’t fit me, or at the very best, would only fit me for a few months, filled me with dread. I knew that even if I did find a bra that was remotely comfortable, it wouldn’t have the support I needed and it would probably look ugly and be expensive. So I held out for as long as I could, I think around five months.

Elodie’s imagination and mine started to wander to a world where bras adapt perfectly to a woman’s breasts and body shape. A bra that is beautiful, sexy, soft and comfortable. A bra that empowers women and makes them happy and confident, the holy grail of bras that would also allow for breastfeeding and pumping. I could only dream, until… Eureka!! 

What if WE designed a bra that ticked all of those boxes, a bra made for pregnant, pumping and breastfeeding women designed by women, made by us!

We quickly grabbed a scrap of paper and a pen and started drawing out our ideas for this magical unicorn of a bra. Our main goal was to re-invent the maternity bra, tailor it exactly for the women wearing it, take all of their needs into account and solve all of their current problems – the same problems that I encountered.

The eureka idea of Infiniti Bra was born at that dining room table during a discussion with two friends, solving a problem that we knew many women in the world face.

After weeks of talking, studying and drawing, the first Infiniti Bra prototype was made at that same table with a hot glue gun and old bras. Now we are creating our first professional prototype, sourcing manufactures and hoping to crowd fund mid 2020 to raise enough capital to manufacture our first batch of bras.

We hope that you will follow along on our journey and we would love to hear your maternity bra shopping stories, and if you faced any issues as well. Also, have you had any eureka moments lately? Please leave your comments below!