My breastfeeding year

Today is a celebration day! I have one year of breastfeeding my daughter Adaline under my belt! 

12 incredible months of hard work, love and dedication!  

The first few months have been challenging, but through the sleep deprivation, the pain and the discouragement, we made it! 

How am I feeling?  

Very emotional... And incredibly proud of myself! 

Also, very proud of my boobs, that have been promoted to golden boobies. It’s true they have changed, but so have I. All in the best ways. Nothing has made me feel more important, empowered and alive than breastfeeding my daughter and witnessing the incredible bond we now have. 

What would I change? 

To stay in the moment while breastfeeding during the fourth trimester, I remember spending a lot of time on my phone. Instead, I would stare at my baby’s gorgeous face like I do now, I would hold her small chubby hands, caress her hair, and capture more of her irresistible milky smiles.  

And on the practical side, with no hesitation, I would buy more combined nursing and pumping bras! Before receiving Infiniti Bra, I only owned one. I had no idea I would end up pumping a few times a day on top of nursing. Not having to change bras is a game-changer! 

To wean or not to wean  

More than 1/3 of babies in the US are still breastfed at 12 months, but continuing to breastfeed over 12 months is a personal choice. Adaline and I (and my husband) decided to stay on the journey. I know my baby girl is eating a variety of foods and I can tell she only wants to nurse at naptime and bedtime or when she needs comfort or a quiet moment with mama, but the closeness still feels so wonderful for me too that I know weaning is not the right thing for us right now. 

Infiniti Bra

I created Infiniti Bra with nursing and pumping options combined to make life easier. No need to change bras during the day, being able to pump hands-free is incredibly helpful too. 

I also love the back band expansion a lot! After 6 months postpartum, my waist suddenly shrank, but my breasts stayed the same size. Being able to tighten the backband whenever I want is amazing 

And I also love how my breasts look in this bra; my husband agrees. Even under a shirt, the shape of my breasts is much more feminine than when I wear my deformed sporty pumping bras. 

You're a superhero

Modern superheroes wear nursing bras, Mamas! 

Breastfeeding is beautiful and empowering. If you want to breastfeed, do not give up when the first challenges occur – you and your body are stronger than you think – and do not let people undermine your journey, it is only yours and your baby’s. 

Leave a comment if you are also celebrating a breastfeeding milestone and we will cheer you on! If you liked this blog, make sure to check out “the breastfeeding journey” blog too.