Letter to my best friend...

I was the first to have a baby in my friendship group. I felt a little apprehensive, scared and didn’t know what to expect or how to get support before and after baby was born.

I had no clue what giving birth or postpartum entailed until I went through it myself. So, I write this letter for you, the best friend. The one that may want to understand a little deeper what your friend is going through during this life changing time…

Dear best friend,

I write this letter to you to make a promise, one that I hope you can also make me very soon.

I promise that even though our friendship may change, I will always be here for you. When you’re scared about your pregnancy and worried about your birth, I will reassure you and tell you how amazing you are and that you can do it!

I promise that when your baby comes I will make sure you have delicious food to eat. I will make healthy meals for you to put in your freezer, dishes for you to heat up quickly. I know you’re going to be tired and starving, breastfeeding takes it out of you.

I promise that I will not expect to see you or your baby until you are ready for visitors. I know you need this time to bond and breastfeed freely without interruption.

I promise I will visit you and baby when you’re ready, I can watch over baby while you take a much-needed nap. I know you’ll fight me and want to stay awake, but I’ll make sure you go to sleep. I know you will ask me questions about my life when you have your mind back.

I promise I will help you clean those dishes you haven’t had time to wash and I will put your laundry in the washing machine. It’s no problem. You don’t need to ask or tell me that I don’t need to, I want to.

I promise to be your biggest fan and supporter, I will understand that you’re bringing a whole new life into this world and that baby will be your first priority for a long time. I promise to understand that this is life changing, and that you may not be fully prepared.

I promise not to get offended when you cancel plans even though this is the third time. I will be patient with you, and I will check in and make sure you are doing well and keeping your body and mind strong.

I promise not to guilt trip you into coming out drinking with me, or make you stay away from your baby longer than you’re ready for. I know you’re scared to leave him and that you will feel so torn. You need to be with your baby, my friendship will always be here.

I promise to check in often, offer my help, see how you are and make sure you’re coping well. Are you taking some alone time, some fresh air and are you sleeping?

I promise that I will be there for you, I will listen and understand what you really need. I will support you and help you cope, I will not judge you and I will love you like a best friend should.