How many maternity bras do I need?

During pregnancy and postpartum, your breast size and shape will change tremendously. You can chalk up this monthly, daily and even hourly metamorphosis to hormonal shifts, weight gain and loss, expanding/reducing rib cage, and lactation. One thing is certain, soon your old bras won't fit! Meaning you will likely need to buy new sizes and styles to accommodate all your needs.

What’s the difference between maternity and nursing bras?

Nursing bras have clasps or panels that fold down or move out of the way to allow for easy access to the nipples for breastfeeding; maternity bras do not.

You will likely need a few new bras during your pregnancy. Get them as soon as your regular bras feel tight or uncomfortable. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different, so your breasts will change in a way that's unique to you. Usually, those changes begin when you're around six weeks pregnant

Should I buy and wear nursing bras during pregnancy?

Many women like a combination of both, buying maternity bras in the beginning of their pregnancies, then switching to nursing bras somewhere in the middle of the third trimester or postpartum.

But there is no scientific study proving that wearing either is more beneficial for pregnancy. What does matter is wearing a bra that preferably has no underwire, is very supportive and is gentle against your sensitive nipples and breasts.

Also, when you’re pregnant, you might not know whether you will breastfeed, so if you buy and wear high-quality nursing bras during your pregnancy, you’re not only promoting good breast health but you’re also preparing for breastfeeding in the event that you do. And the bonus is, you buy fewer bras in the long run and save money. Smart move!

How many maternity and nursing bras do I need? 

Going by our research, on average, women will need at least two different bra sizes throughout pregnancy, and at least one different bra size at the end of pregnancy or postpartum: this equates to three different sizes. And, you'll likely need to buy at least two bras of each size so you always have enough to wash and wear, so that’s six new bras in total. 

Why is buying Infiniti Bra a good idea?

Our five-piece customizable Infiniti Bra was imagined and created by two moms, with women’s changing bodies in mind. It ensures that you always have a bra that fits and supports your breasts from pregnancy to postpartum, saving you money in the long run. 

As a matter of fact, the average price of a high-quality maternity/nursing bra is $50. If you buy six of them like we mentioned earlier, you will spend around $300. But if you buy two full Infiniti Bras and a bigger set of cups to adapt your bra to your changing breasts, you end up spending $240 for six high-quality bras (that you can actually continue to customize post-postpartum – future non-maternity line to come).

If you breastfeed for many months or years, your breast size will keep changing. For example, it’s very possible that when you're eight months pregnant, your breast size will be similar to your breast size at one month postpartum. And when you’re four months pregnant, your breast size will be similar to when you’re 12 months postpartum. 

Buying Infiniti Bra means that you can swap out and change every piece during this amazing journey so that your bra always fits, from when you’re newly pregnant to after breastfeeding for around two years. 

I hope this helped! Please, feel free to reach out for more information, we would love to hear from you.