Did you know? 10 Crazy Bra Facts!

We all know what bras are and many of us wear them. We know their history and where they come from (read our bra history article here if you don’t). But did you know these fun and crazy facts about bras!

  • There is a bra out there called the emergency bra, which is designed to break apart into two gas masks in case of emergency.
  • Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit was made by the industrial division of Playtex, the women’s bra manufacturer.
  • In 1937, the Warner Corset Company introduced the four cup sizes we know now, of A, B, C, and D. Before long, these cup sizes were distinguished with nicknames: A- egg cup, B- tea cup, C- coffee cup and D- challenge cup.
  • There is also an amazing bra that uses heat sensors to detect the first sign of breast cancer up to six years earlier than a mammogram can! This ‘smart bra’ claims to provide accurate screening for breast tissue abnormalities. Pretty crazy right! I don’t think it’s on the market yet though…
  • When Disneyland opened in 1955 there was a Hollywood-Maxwell Brassiere Co. of Los Angeles store on Main Street. Inside there was a history of undergarment exhibition and a retail store where guests could buy corsets and bras from the Wizard of Bras… who was just a robot, unfortunately!
  • The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong offers a degree in bra studies which includes an ‘Intimate Textiles and Accessories’ course. Students who take the course have to visit a bra factory and even attend bra surgery sessions where they cut bras up and study every component. Exactly what Francesca and I did to create Infiniti Bra!
  • ‘Instruments of female torture’ is how women described bras in a 1968 protest in Atlantic City, NY, running alongside the Miss America pageant. The female protesters were carrying copies of Playboy magazines, girdles and bras and threatened to burn them all! Unfortunately for them, the police put a stop to that idea so the women in question settled for tossing their bras in the trash instead.
  • Did you know that very few women have perfectly symmetrical breasts? Very often, the left breast is slightly larger than the right one. Yes, have a look…
  • In 1999, London, two women died from being struck by lightning because the metal in one of their underwired bras acted as a conductor. Nightmare story…
  • Victoria’s Secret created the most expensive bra in the world costing a staggering US$15,000,000. WOW!

I hope you enjoyed these facts as much as I did! What other fun facts do you know about bras? Please share in the comments below, I always get excited when I hear crazy different facts about everyday items!