13 breastfeeding products every mom needs

Between you and me, I thought I only needed my boobs and my baby to breastfeed successfully. But, after hearing from friends and reading more about breastfeeding, I realize the possible challenges and stress ahead.

The good news is, there are a lot of breastfeeding products out there to help. The bad news, there are so many breastfeeding products out there that it quickly becomes overwhelming.

So I asked my girlfriends for advice to get prepared before my baby arrives. I made a list of all the necessary breastfeeding products I’m considering and I’m so excited to share them with you!

~ Please note that we have no affiliate programs with any brands on this list, we just wanted to give you a little boost! ~

A Breast Pump

Breast pumps do just that, they pump milk from your breasts. They collect milk to bottle feed your baby, relieve engorgement, manage an oversupply, or increase milk supply. If you plan on returning to work early, a good quality, electric breast pump will be essential. If you are just planning to pump occasionally, a manual pump, operated by squeezing a lever with your hand, may be sufficient. The Haakaa is a very popular kind of manual breast pump, and lets you express milk using the power of natural suction. I’m getting both kinds!

Good Nursing Bras

I’ve been told that when you start breastfeeding, your nipples get very sore and tender, and that engorgement is crazy! So, buying a nursing and/or hands free pumping bra (or one that does both!) is crucial. One that fits well, isn’t too tight, is comfortable and allows for easy nursing will be perfect.

Unfortunately our Infiniti Bra won’t be available until late 2021! In the meantime, I’m loving the IloveSia seamless and the Bravado Design Buttercup maternity bras, and this Kindred Bravely all-in-one bra combines the best features of great nursing and hands-free pumping bras!

Nursing Pads

A lot of women that we spoke to during our research said that they leaked…a lot! And the easiest and best way to help are with nursing pads! You wear them inside your bra to absorb any milk leaks so it doesn’t go through your clothes. I’m going for reusable ones for environmental reasons, but there are good disposable ones as well. Whatever your choice, comfort, absorbance and coverage are things to keep in mind!

A Breastfeeding System Starter Kit

With this breastfeeding System Starter Kit, you can pump breast milk directly into storage bags! They lock onto many major brand pumps. No milk transfers, no dirty dishes, no air in your baby’s meal, perfect to focus on your pumping! It seems very handy for first-time moms, but may be a little pricey over time!

A Travel Bottle Bag

Because I’m often on the move, I really wanted a breast milk travel cooler bag. After researching ones that are on the market, this bag caught my eye. It can fit up to six breast milk bottles, includes an ice pack to keep them cold and it also has a lot of other pockets, perfect for snacks, drinks and diapers. I will probably use it for daycare later too!

A Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows are great breastfeeding products you’ll use for hours a day and possibly for several months. Most of them are designed to curve around your waist to relieve your back and shoulders, help you relax and get your milk flowing, all while supporting baby at the right height to reach the breast or bottle and keeping them from wiggling around. The Boppy Original Nursing Pillow & Positioner was first introduced 25 years ago, and it remains the #1 for many women!

Nursing Clothes

Yes, we could just lift our regular top up when it’s time to breastfeed baby. But as a new mom, I don’t really want half my tummy hanging out for the world to see. So for when I’m out and about, I bought a few items: tank tops, sweaters and dresses. There are so many brands out there offering nursing clothes, and I searched a lot to find some great deals. I ordered some cute pieces from Patpat US.

Nursing Covers

Nursing covers aren’t a must for breastfeeding moms, and whether or not you use one is a totally personal choice. But if you opt to breastfeed in public, a cover can offer more privacy and help your baby focus on your nipple. I love adaptability and versatility so I went for this multi-use one, great for nursing and can be used as a car seat cover too!

Nursing Chair

Nursing chairs certainly aren’t must have items, but I’ve been told they come in handy!

The one I chose is easy to clean, has high armrests to help support baby, and is made with thick soft cushions for comfort. It looks so cozy I can’t wait to nurse my baby girl in it! Only cons, it doesn’t come with an ottoman to rest my feet. Also, if you are choosing a glider instead, you may want to check to see if it’s on a 360-degree base and whether it can recline.

Nipple Cream

Almost all nursing moms experience sore nipples at one time or another during breastfeeding. Nipple creams and ointments can be very helpful to moisturize, soothe, and heal cracked and sore nipples. There are many varieties of nipple creams on the market and it can be hard to know which one will work best for you. Lanolin-based nipple creams are very popular, but others will prefer a more natural nipple cream.

Nipple Breast Shells

Breast shells are helpful breastfeeding products for breastfeeding women who need to protect sore nipples from rubbing against their bra, correct inverted nipples, and prevent embarrassing leaks. If you wear breast shells between feedings, they will help to draw out your nipples and will make them heal more quickly. Note, breast shells are not the same as nipple shields!

Breast Gel Pads

I have heard a lot about the soreness of breasts during feeding. And these breast gel pads come highly recommended. They are used cold to relieve swelling and pain, and warm to relieve mastitis and plugged ducts, and to also stimulate let down.

European Formula

Baby formulas are intended to be a substitute or supplement for breast milk. It is a very important but very personal choice that should be made with your partner and pediatrician based on the needs of your child, their age and medical history.

The truth is that not all baby formulas are created equal. Unlike American formulas, European manufacturers are not allowed to use corn syrup, glucose, fructose, rice syrup, table sugar (sucrose) or carrageenan. Instead they use lactose to sweeten their formula, which is contained in breast milk and less likely to lead to childhood obesity and diabetes.

European formulas are not available in U.S stores, but you can order online with reputable companies like Organic Baby Shop – this is where Co-Founder Francesca got hers. Ordering with them is easy, and delivery times are fast!

I’d like to finish by sharing a tip I got from many moms: get support and contact a group of breastfeeding mamas near you. You can also contact your local La Leche League chapter.

La Leche League is an international network of women who support mothers in their breastfeeding journey through encouragement, information, and education.

Keep going, mama, you’re doing great! Try not to worry too much. With good support and helpful resources, most women can successfully meet their breastfeeding goals no matter what difficulties they face, and so will we! 😊